Sunday, 14 January 2018

Photo on Sunday 2018-02

She likes it up high and this is the highest she can get by herself. Usually jumping off the television table (on the right) or the weapons/blanket chest (on the left).

Isn't she gorgeous??

Friday, 12 January 2018

Snakes and ladders

This photo from my last major move from the Netherlands to Norway
Some of you wondered whether another move is on the cards and I will tell you all now: yes. Another move is very much on the cards. Where to is still a bit of question mark though.

So, what exactly is on those cards? Well... as you all know my mother was diagnosed with cancer early last year (very happy to say she is completely in the clear again), but that hit something home: I miss my family. And especially somebody who knows my parents more or less like I do. My sister. 

Which is why I have decided that my best bet would be to try and find a job in Northern Ireland. Of course there are some snakes, one of the major ones being Brexit*. Another choice would be West Scotland or the Republic of Ireland. Scotland would have the same problem as Northern Ireland (it being part of the UK as well), the Republic would be relatively snake free. 

Yep, a real snake. Fortunately it was well-fed
What are those snakes then you ask? Here they come.

1. Even though I have 19 years' experience right now and have driven in both the UK and Ireland and got my first (car) licence in the UK, I have never driven a right-hand drive bus or coach (only car).

2. My 19 years' experience also puts another snake in my way: pay. I don't want to start at the lowest pay level again and with the amount of experience I do have, the top level would sound more reasonable. Which means that if they can get people with lower pay levels, they might go for them.

3. Brexit*. You might have heard about the UK leaving the European Union, which has an immediate effect on all European Union citizens working in the UK. Even though I now live in Norway (a non EU-country), I am still Dutch (an EU-citizen). There might be costs involved for keeping me there which could have a negative effect on considering me for the job. 

My sister. Hopefully my ladder will still have all its rungs
Are there any ladders then? Well of course there are!!

1. 19 years of experience! It may be a snake, but it is also a ladder. I have driven tours and public transport, children and adults. I have been abroad, both European mainland and the UK and Ireland. I should think that counts for something.

2. I speak English. In a fairly decent manner I believe. When listing all the languages I speak (five in total), English got a C1 level. Meaning I have 'Effective Operational Proficiency'. The next one up is C2 and then it's native. I also speak German (C1), French and Norwegian (both B2) and of course Dutch (native). 

3. I am only (yes only) 46. Which means that for the greying profession that bus driving is, I still have twenty years in me! That is a lot. 

Beginning of April is when I will hear more (or not). I will keep you posted.

Thursday, 11 January 2018


As I finished work early this morning (8.30 am and I was done for the day) and drove to my physio appointment, all of a sudden, my car conked out. It just stopped! I got it going again, but at the next roundabout: the same thing. I managed to start it again and it almost stopped as soon as I had started it. Fortunately I had arrived and was able to roll into the parking lot.

After my physio appointment (ouch, ouch, ouch, my shoulders, neck and back had tensed up completely again), I started my car without any trouble, but figured it wouldn't hurt to have someone take a look at it anyway. So, I drove Cookie to my garage and asked them to have a look. 

They drove it around without any trouble (of course) and then they checked it. I think there was something with a filter somewhere and something to do with spark plugs which they both changed. And a headlight, which I didn't know was broken. 

Nearly 2000 kroner lighter I left. But Cookie should be in fine working order again...

Monday, 8 January 2018


The last of the Christmas stuff had to be packed away. Of course I had done most of it already last Wednesday, but some things could not be rushed. Things needed to be washed for example. And then dried. And then (oh yes) even ironed!

So, on Sunday I took out the ironing board, found the iron (in its box, not having been used since I moved here) and started ironing. First it was the napkins. Easy. More napkins. And yet more napkins. Don't worry: there were only ten. Then it was the turn of the table cloth. Which is big. It took a long time. I had to use the spray bottle. Miss Oswin got a bit worried. 

In the end, while Miss Oswin was outside not being worried by the spray bottle, I finished the table cloth. For good measure I ironed the one shirt and a handkerchief. A few pillow cases. 

Now? The last of the Christmas stuff is packed away, as is the iron again. And even though the Christmas crates (10 large ones if you please) are still in the living room, it does look okay here. Tidy. Well, apart from Miss Oswin's toys that is...

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Saturday, 6 January 2018

The old head

My head. From the back. In 2010.
Despite doing much better shoulder and back wise, the last time I saw the physio, he said my shoulders had tensed up again. And guess what: my head told me so as well. As headaches go, it wasn't a bad one as such and the first few days were quite okay. Not needing any pills, but doing great with a mandarin or a small sandwich.

Yesterday it was a bit worse, but still nowhere near the badness it used to be and definitely not 'calling in sick' bad. Even today, the worst day so far, is still good going compared to before. 

Next week I will be back at the physio and there will be more sessions to come. Because even though we've made great strides, it's not over yet. For now however, despite the headache, I am doing great.

Friday, 5 January 2018


When me and my sister went shopping about two weeks ago, we bought a lot of goodies. Nuts and crisps, cheese and crackers and plenty more besides. Usually we would eat the lot within about 10 seconds flat. But for some reason this time around...

We didn't!

Which means that when she left on Wednesday there were still a lot of goodies left. And I am slowly working my way through them. I finished the chocolate last night (after a severe hunt) and today I finally finished the salted sticks. I love those! 

But, there are still crisps and nuts and more nuts (I found today) left. As for the cheese and crackers: plenty still in the fridge and cupboard. So, for the near future: no diet just yet. First I have to finish off all the possible temptations!

And no, despite the photos: I have no cotton candy.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Real life

Today it really was back to real life. The alarm went off at 5am and I dragged myself out of a freshly made (with flannel sheets, mmmm) bed to feed a cat that is too used to having something nice in the morning. 

I found some bread in the freezer. Nearly sliced my hand open cutting it (don't worry, it was okay) and found something to put on it as well. A drink, my Kindle, an apple and off I went. 

The day might have been quite long, especially if you are not used to doing much of anything lately, but it was a good day anyway. Tomorrow will be another day at work, before having a very necessary break over the weekend.😉

And that's about it for today. Oh no, hold on.... a colleague had shown some of the mice he bought from me to his family and his sister liked them so much: she wanted two! I might need to start knitting faster. 

Wednesday, 3 January 2018


Apart from waving goodbye to sister, parents and friends (from home) and packing all the Christmas stuff away (I have a lot), not much is happening today. Not much of an adventure there. Unless you feel it's adventurous to put Baby Jesus in with caroling mice and three snowmen. In which case I was extremely adventurous this morning!

Honestly though, I didn't go on an adventure. Yet. But I took the first steps to go on the aforementioned adventure. I started yesterday and I had to look high and low for everything I needed. I think I did find everything eventually though and proceeded with those first steps. I had to answer question after question, some of them pretty personal as well. Today I continued and managed to get the rest done, before sending it off. 

It's out of my hands now, but I will let you know if and when step two can be taken. 

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

January 2nd

Isn't it amazing how soon Christmas and New Year's celebrations seem to be forgotten and 'real life' kicks in again? Of course real life went on during those celebrations as well, but it has a sort of surreal feeling to it. Suspended in a family holiday.

If you are now thinking: oh my word, it's only two days in and she is starting with the difficult sentences: don't worry! It will not last long. It will probably last until this afternoon when we will go over to my parents and friends to say goodbye (and pick up leftovers and such). They will be traveling tomorrow morning. Or it might even last until tomorrow, when I take my sister to the airport at a 'real life' time of 6am! 

After that however, it is back to real life proper. Making the place look nice again without all the Christmas stuff (the tree will be coming down today, the rest can wait until tomorrow). Laundry. Possibly even more laundry. And then on Thursday it's back to work as well. Making this holiday that I have enjoyed so much an immediate thing of the distant past. 

Only seven weeks to go until my next break!