Monday, 25 September 2017

A Sunday drive

Let's go!
Seeing how Brom is still living it up in Scotland with Yamini and her friends and family, Mouse was feeling a bit lonely. So, we decided to go out for a drive through the country. I had wanted to take photos of certain things for quite a while now, but I had never got round to it. Sunday was the day!

The oil platform.
Would love to see inside it!
First we drove to a small island off the coast of Haugesund (via a bridge) to take photos of a huge oil platform. It needs some overhauling and work and such and they do that there. We have had several of them before, but I think this one is the biggest. I can even see it from my tv-room! 

Please please, can you tell Brom to come home soon?
The next stop was the listening tree. We all know that some people talk to trees and hug them and sit in them and all sorts, but I bet you have never heard of a listening tree! Well, we have one. Because, it has an ear to the ground. Well, it has an ear close to the ground anyway. Mouse went right up to it and whispered into its ear. Perhaps with a good wind it will go all the way to Scotland. 

I love his toes!
In the park across the listening tree
After that we drove for a while longer. I wanted to drive a road I had only partially driven once before, but never the whole stretch. It was lovely and calm and every time we stopped, you could hear the birds and rustle of the trees and for some reason a cockerel (we were close to habitation). 

It might look quite dreary, but the temperatures was quite nice.
Because most trees in the area were either evergreen (pine and such) or birch trees, the autumn colours didn't show too much. Either because leaves were already down or because they were still green. The heather had finished mostly I think, because the one plant we did catch had only three tiny lilac flowers left. 

We saw a sign saying 'no tipping' and in the same area we saw an old hammock, empty bottles, kitchen cabinet and further junk. It's free to bring it to the recycling center, but for some people that is not enough apparently. Mouse was not amused I can tell you!

Honest, there are three (or four) tiny lilac flowers in there!
After all that, we made our way to the garden center. Miss O tends to need food on occasion and the container was emptying fast. So, new food it was. And then I saw a nice little plant. Tiny, but that's fine. If all goes well, it will grow! I needed some earth as well though and some terracotta pots, because there was a plant I had already that needed a bigger home. 

Left back I got last year for my birthday and is still alive
Right back I got two weeks ago (same as left back, but with flowers)
Front is the one I got on Sunday
I had bought some terracotta saucers as well and needed to smash one of them. Of course just dropping them on the kitchen floor didn't do the trick, so in the end I threw them at the brick house wall outside! Now I had smaller pieces with which I could cover the holes in the pots. Then there was the fiddly bit with the earth, but in the end I had a nice grouping. 

There were some yummy raspberries at the side of the road
It was a good Sunday afternoon. 

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Photo on Sunday 2017-31

I got a balloon for my birthday, but since Miss Oswin was quite scared of it, I put it on top of my standing lamp, out of the way. And then I forgot about it.

Today I wondered what type of light fitting was in the lamp, but all I could feel was the remainder of the balloon and the paper confetti...

Saturday, 23 September 2017

When the cat's away...

Brom is living it up in Scotland
...the mice will play!

Well, that's how the saying goes anyway. Fortunately the cat is not away (well, she is, she is outside right now), but the teddy is! Brom is living it up in Scotland and Mouse felt a bit lonely. So, I signed him up for something special...

Blanket volleyball.

Apparently you hold a blanket (preferably with others) and then try to get your ball to the other side. Mouse was in a team with Princess Leah from England (also known as the Buttie Pillar Princess) and Ruby the Airedale Terrier from the United States (also known as the Margarita Queen). 

All I can say is that the Ruler (ie YAM-Auntie) was being a tad mean. They said ball, Mouse had a ball: a cheese one! Princess Leah had a ball with wings, but it said nowhere that she couldn't have one. And Ruby didn't do anything wrong either. I saw no rule about Margaritas anywhere! But the Ruler thought they were cheating and gave them a time-out! Pfew! 

Anyway, Mouse had a great time and we want to thank Madi and her Mom for organising the event as part of the Blogville Picnic. The above photo was made by Madi's Mom and I have shamelessly stolen it! 

Thursday, 21 September 2017


Summer on Sicily, 1991
A proper summer with temperatures soaring up to the low 40's. 
I was listening to the radio as I was driving home today and I got a bit depressed. They listed the amount of summer days this summer (ie days with temperatures of 20 degrees and over). 

In June: there was 1 (ONE!) summer day. The same went for July: just the one. In August, a bit of a change: 0. As in NONE! Not a single one! Fortunately I had a holiday in the Netherlands where the temperature was very summery!

Summer in Norway, 2014
A proper summer with temperatures well over 20 degrees
It is about to change though they said: from Saturday onwards, they are expecting lovely weather with summer temperatures. But, as I checked the weather forecast, the only thing different is that the rain is due to stop for a few days and the temperatures will go up to (wait for it) the high teens! Nothing summer about that...


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Busy busy busy

Aged 2/3
Well, I would have been. Had I not called in sick. Again. I would have been driving hither and thither, but instead I am at home. Doing a bit of knitting and trying to stay out of trouble. 

As for the reasons behind the latest attack? Well, I do think that I finally do know where they come from. After thinking back when the headaches really started to bother me (around 1993 first of all and then 1999 the second wave), I think I may have pinpointed the problem.

Hot chocolate, not coffee
I don't remember that many headaches growing up. Yes, there were a few bad ones that I do remember, but if I had to call in sick to school twice, it was a lot. At least I can't remember any different. I worked in Yugoslavia and again: no problems. Brussels, followed by Sicily and then the French Alps? Nothing! Then I moved to England. The first few months were okay, but then I started getting trouble. A lot of trouble. 

Around 1993
Which I contributed (and probably quite rightly) to the coffee. I moved back home in 1994, cut out the coffee and the headaches disappeared more or less. Leaving only the occasional migraine attack. I worked in a biscuit factory packing biscuits: nothing. I worked on the train, selling coffee, tea and snacks: nothing. I got my driver's licence for bus, I moved, I started work and then a few months later the headaches started. Never to go away again.

See a pattern? Because I certainly do and over the last few months I have felt it as well. After a week's work I can feel my shoulders, back and neck. Which then creeps up to my head. I try to combat with heat pads on my shoulders and back, cold cloths on my head, but to no avail. The headache will come. The pills don't work and even though I will take some, I don't take the amount I used to in the past. 

A bit of rest
The solution? Well, massages, physiotherapy and such would help, but they would only combat a problem. It might be better to actually get rid of the problem. Ie: not get the shoulders, back and neck to tense up in the first place. Which can be achieved I think. Easily as well. It would just involve me finding another job!

Monday, 18 September 2017

The literary quest

An order for a colleague's twin grandchildren
As you know I knit. A lot. But I only do so at home. When I am at work, I read. Well, I try to anyway, it's quite difficult at times. I love to read romance novels, but lately I have also started to read the 'classics'. Books that are perhaps a bit more challenging than just boy meets girl, they get in a fight, they make up and live happily ever after. 

My first try a few weeks ago was '1984' by George Orwell. A book that definitely stuck with me. I then asked for some suggestions, which I got, and ordered some more books. One of which you didn't recommend, but I had heard the title and thought why not?

So, about 10 days ago I started in 'Brave New World' by Aldous Huxley. Another book about a society long into the future, after it was found that our current (ie 1931) society was not working as it should. 

First off: I finished it. I found it slow-going at times, feeling that certain things could have been expanded upon. There was one area that had me reading it several times because it was so confusing (no dedication as to who said what, just a lot of said text). The name Lenina was quite weird as well, since I kept seeing Sandra Bullock in my mind (she played Lenina Huxley in 'Demolition Man'), but I got over it eventually. 

Talking of Lenina, I found her grating to the extreme, which had nothing to do with her or the author, but more to do with me and my way of thinking. I just found her a spoilt brat, which of course is exactly what she is, but then again, she is meant to be that way. She is after all an Alpha! 

The book didn't have the immediate impact '1984' had. Instead (and together with the later addition of a foreword by Aldous Huxley in 1946, good reading in itself), it is on a slow burner really. It contains some thought-provoking ideas and yes, some of those have already come to reality. Although some of them fortunately haven't. 

My next book: Doctor Zhivago (and not Doctor Gigolo as one of my Polish colleagues inadvertently said), recommended I believe by Cecilia, aka Madi's Mom.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Photo on Sunday 2017-30

I have had this container for a long time. It came with me from the Netherlands to Norway and then through the three moves I had here. I knew it contained yarn, but I figured it was just the odds and ends. 

Imagine my happy surprise...

Friday, 15 September 2017

I am scaring myself

Amongst my family and friends I am not known to be the tidiest of people. Nor am I what you would call a clean queen. But since I came back from the Netherlands, I have been very tidy. Well, at least in the kitchen! I make sure I put everything in the dishwasher/fridge/other before going to bed. I run the dishwasher at night and then in the morning I clear it out (ok, sometimes it will have to wait a few hours, but it does get done).

And now that has spilled over a bit to the living room. The new cupboard has meant I can get more things out of sight and stored away. No, I don't just chuck it in, I put it in nicely! I am like that: books alphabetically (just ask my sister), clothes by sort/length. If it's in a cupboard/wardrobe, it's tidy. But now it also starts to extend to the things that are not in a cupboard/wardrobe/container. That gets sorted as well. 

What's next? 

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Brom has landed!


Guess what! I am in SCOTLAND!!! I am staying with Auntie Yam, also known as Yamini and I will be staying there for a while. But don't worry, Mara and Auntie have said that I will be home for Christmas! In the mean time though, I will be meeting people and seeing things and going places. 

My very own gold pillow! Not too shabby...
And if you want to read more about my trip, just take a hop and a skip over to Yamini's place to read how I got there. I will be posting more and when I do, I will let you know again. The two photos here are 'borrowed' from Yamini's post.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Mouse is searching


I keep going to the windows to try and see if Brom is coming home already, but I haven't seen him yet. Only a few days after he left, Mara sent another package, it was flat and I think his passport was in it! 

Do you think he went to Africa? Or perhaps he went to see Gera again. I am so curious!